What is location verification?

Location verification collects information about your location through your Internet Protocol address and/or geolocation services. Players must be physically located within the State of Michigan and be a Michigan resident to use certain functions of the Services or make purchases on Michiganlottery.com, which is why the Michigan Lottery’s platforms must verify a user’s location.

For information regarding our geolocation compliance technology partner, please visit:

Why do I have to verify my location?

State law mandates that the Michigan Lottery only may sell its products within the state.  To comply with that law, the Lottery’s online system must verify that players are located in the state before accepting a wager via a mobile device. A player’s mobile device location is used in order to verify their physical location when a purchase is made. 

For more information about this geo-location, please refer to section "VI" of Michiganlottery.com's Terms and Conditions or the "Location Information" section of our Privacy Policy:

Why am I unable to verify my location?

If you are unable to verify your location, please ensure that your location services are enabled. For help with enabling location services, please visit the following guide: How do I enable access to my location?

If your location services are enabled and you are still unable to verify your location, please contact our 24/7 Customer Support Team by submitting this form or calling 1-844-887-6836.