For most Android devices*, the Michigan Lottery Android Full App is now available to download directly from the Google Play Store and no longer needs to be downloaded from the website.

After downloading the updated Michigan Lottery Android App from the Google Play Store, you can remove the previous version of the Android App, which has the “Full” label on the app icon, from your device.

If you previously downloaded the Michigan Lottery Android Lite app, the app will automatically be updated to the Android Full app the next time updates are applied to the app (either automatically or manually from the Google Play Store).

*If you have an Amazon Fire tablet or wish to continue using the directly downloaded app, you will still need to download the Michigan Lottery App from the Michigan Lottery website. Please visit Install the Official Michigan Lottery Android App to download the app.

If you still have questions, please contact our 24/7 Customer Support Team by submitting this form or calling 1-844-887-6836.