The ticket scanner scans the barcode on eligible Michigan Lottery tickets to determine whether the ticket is a winner. You must download the Michigan Lottery mobile app and have a registered Michigan Lottery account to access the ticket scanner.

Please see details about where to find the barcode to scan on each type of ticket below:

Draw and Fast Cash Games

Scan the barcode on the bottom of the printed ticket.

Draw Game Ticket (Powerball) Fast Cash Ticket (Lucky 7’s)

Instant Games

Scan the barcode under the scratch-off area on the ticket. Please reference the image below.

Pull Tab Games

Pull Tabs ticket barcodes cannot be read by the ticket scanner. Please visit a Michigan Lottery retailer to scan your Pull Tabs tickets.

If you are having trouble accessing or using the ticket scanner, please contact our 24/7 Customer Support Team by submitting this form or calling 1-844-887-6836.