Updated November 1, 2021

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Michigan Lottery Claim Centers were closed to the public. Claim Centers are now open by appointment only. Drop-Off and Mail-In claims also are accepted. We value your business and appreciate your patience while we work to process prize claims as quickly and as safely as possible.


Mail-In Claims

Michigan Lottery prizes up to and including $99,999.99 can be claimed by mail. To claim a prize by mail you are required to complete a Ticket Receipt Form for individual winnings of greater than $600 or a Substitute 5754 form for club winnings. For prizes of $600 and below, you will need to complete a Ticket Receipt Form or send a written request for payment including your full name, address, and phone number. Keep a copy (picture or photocopy) of the front and back of the signed ticket and Ticket Receipt Form. For all claims, please include the signed ticket along with a copy of your Social Security card and a valid government-issued photo ID (driver’s license or state ID). Please include only legible copies. Claims should be mailed to the following address:

Michigan Lottery
Attn: Claim Center
P.O. Box 30023
Lansing, MI 48909


Tax Information on Michigan Lottery Prizes

Michigan Lottery prizes are subject to federal, state and local income taxes. You may be required to make estimated tax payments by filing a form 1040ES with the Internal Revenue Service. If you have questions regarding income tax, please contact the Internal Revenue Service at 800-829-1040, the Michigan Department of Treasury at 517-636-4486, or your local taxing authority.

The Michigan Lottery provides winning Lottery clubs with a blank Substitute 5754 form. Lottery clubs must submit a completed Substitute 5754 form at the time of prize payment.

All winners claiming individual prizes of greater than $600 will receive a W-2G form at the time of prize payment for the purposes of completing their yearly tax return.

To request a duplicate W-2G form please call 517-373-6001 and press option 3. The Regional Offices cannot reprint tax forms.

Following are some additional facts on Lottery withholding guidelines:

Prizes of $600 and below: The Lottery does not withhold any taxes.

Prizes greater than $600 and up to and including $5,000

The Lottery does not withhold any taxes but is required to report the winnings to the IRS and Michigan Department of Treasury. The winner will then be required to report the income in the tax year it is claimed.

Prizes greater than $5,000

For any Michigan Lottery prize of greater than $5,000, the Lottery is required to withhold an estimated 24 percent in federal tax and 4.25 percent in state tax. These withholdings do not necessarily satisfy a winner’s tax liability; they are simply estimates. We recommend that all winners contact the IRS, Michigan Department of Treasury and trusted tax professionals to determine whether additional tax payments will be required.

Non-Michigan U.S. residents

All prizes of greater than $5,000 are subject to 24 percent federal tax and 4.25 percent state tax withholding regardless of the state of residence. Questions regarding this state tax withholding should be directed to the Michigan Department of Treasury, Taxpayer Assistance Division.

Non-U.S. residents

Players who win a Michigan Lottery prize greater than $600 and do not live in the United States are subject to a 30 percent federal tax withholding rate as well as the 4.25 percent state withholding rate.