1. Go to the Michigan Lottery Second Chance Games website and sign in with your Michigan Lottery Account details. If you do not have a Michigan Lottery account, Register Now.

2. Select Games and choose Bingo, Cashword, or Wild Time, depending on the type of ticket.

3. On the game page, select “Play for Prizes.”

4. Find the 3-digit Game Number located on the bottom of your ticket and enter it in the field labeled “Game Number.” 

5. Next, find the Entry Code on your ticket and remove the foil to reveal your unique entry code.

6. Enter the Entry Code in the field labeled “Entry Code.”

Make sure to check your entry for mistakes. Submitting invalid codes may lead to your account being locked.


7. Select the “Submit” button. If the entry is valid, a  “Play Game” button will appear on the page.

8. Select the “Play Game” button to start your Second Chance game.